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Born in Indiana on November 15, 1986.
Our lives were changed from the moment of his birth..our lives were deeply enriched and his smiles and antics brought us so much happiness.
April 10, 1989
Brett got his new baby sister, Kelsey Lynn.  From this time on in our family everything was 'Brett & Kelsey this' or 'Brett & Kelsey that' ... they were brother/sister, best pals.  and confidants.
Spring 2003
Brett started driving our old car, the 1999 Olds Aurora, which he fondly named 'the Pimpmobile' ... the car he was driving the day he was killed. 
July 2002 - July 2003
We moved to Ft. Branch, Indiana for Bob's new position at the Toyota plant there. At first Brett was excited about the move, but soon he decided he missed Olney, as did the rest of us, so we sold the house there and 6 months later moved back to Olney, Illinois. Brett was so happy to be back with his friends.  He played hours of Magic with them. He got his driver's license, got a job at McDonald's, and became more interested in Civil War battlefields and medieval weapons.
December 2004 - January 2005

Over Christmas break most of the family went to Orlando Fla. for a vacation.  We stayed in a 5 bedroom vacation home with a pool and we went to many of the Disney Theme parks. Brett enjoyed this vacation more than the rest of the family all put together. He bought his silly Mickey Wizzard hat and wore than much of his time there. Kyle and Cari took him to eat at Medieval Times Restaurant/Dinner Theatre which he wanted to go to very much. He paid to have their pictures taken there and bought a gold drinking glass with the restaurant's name on it. Even though we shouldn't have spent the money for that trip I wouldn't trade the memories of that time for anything.

May 2005
Brett received one award at the senior's award night...this year we will be giving out an award in his memory...we had no idea last year when we were there with him that he wouldn't get to use his scholarship award.  Brett graduated later in the month and signed up for his college classes at OCC to prepare for his entrance into the radiology program there the next year. I went with him to enroll, but the next time I walked those halls was when I went to get his enrollment money refunded after his accident. It was heartbreaking to see the other kids going to their classes then. Oh, how I wished I could see his smile among the faces of the others there.
June 2005
By this time Brett was no longer working at Mc Donalds.  He was spending his summer hanging out with friends playing Magic for hours, watching his anime video shows, and going to the pool with Mom.  This was supposed to be his last time to 'play' because of starting college in the Fall... little did he or we know that it was truly his very 'last summer' to play... or to just be with us, his family.  We miss him so very much.  There are no words to describe how our life is now...without Brett.  This Spring... the Spring of so very hard for us.  Last time we enjoyed sunshine and warm weather Brett was here to enjoy it with us, and it was a warm July day when he was killed.
July 4th 2005
Brett went with us to the Olney City Park for the fireworks display.  He spent most of the evening with a friend of his watching the fireworks. Brett programmed his voice into my cell phone that day.  He did not realize what a 'gift' he was giving me by leaving his voice on my phone.  There are now some days when I play his voice over and over again just to hear him...and some days I cannot bear to listen...too painful on the really bad days. He also used my cell phone to take several pictures of the fireworks...the last pictures Brett would ever take. At this time he had only 5 more days with us.
Friday, July 8, 2005
Our last day with Brett,  He spent the morning sleeping in and was with some friends in the early afternoon.  Midafternoon he and I went to the driver's license office to get his license replaced because his old one was damaged. He thought the new style of license was 'cool' and he signed up to be an organ donor that day (he didn't get to be because he was never on life support).  Then we went to a local jewelry shop to have the ring we bought him for graduation sized to fit him. ( The only time he ever got to wear that ring was at his visitation. )  He wanted to go and eat out after that the jewelry shop, but I refused.  Now I wish we would have eaten together ... a missed opportunity for a few more memories...but we never think of life in those terms, especially with an 18 year old. I remember Brett watching a little TV with me as he was running his bath water late that night, and then he was off to sleep in his own bed for the last time.
Saturday, July 9th 2005

I left on a short pleasure trip early that morning.  I looked in on Brett as I left.  He was sleeping, of course, and I was tempted to tickle his bare feet as they stuck out from his blanket, but I chose not to bother him.  Now I wish I'd woke him up...another missed opportunity for another memory.  In the late afternoon Brett drove his car out to our family farm because it was his job to mow around the grain bins and machine shed.  After a rushed job in mowing (he was in a hurry to get back to town to go to a show with friends) he headed towards town, but for an unknown reason (we'll never why) Brett missed a stop sign and drove his 'pimpmobile' into the path of an oncoming car and he was struck broadside in the driver's door.  He had his seat belt on and his air bags deployed, but he received a closed head injury.  He was airlifted to our local hospital, but he 'coded' on them as soon as they lifted off.  I don't think they ever revived him. On this day a part of 'us' died also. It's now 9 months later and I still cry everyday. Brett... we love and miss you every minute of everyday!!!

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